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Friday, September 15, 2006

AIA Design Trend Survey: Homeowners Want Energy Efficiency

Noticed that large gas guzzling SUV's are not moving off the showroom floors like they used to? A recent AIA survey reveals that the same consumer sentiment applies to homes designed by architects.

Every quarter, the AIA conducts a Home Design Trend Survey based on data from 500 architecture firms specializing in the residential sector. The latest survey reveals that while the residential market has been weakening, homeowners have been pursuing more remodeling opportunities with a demand for energy conservation. The unexciting but practical feature of adding extra insulation in the attic was the home feature with the highest increase in popularity. Home features that have seen the greatest drop in popularity in new and remodeled residential projects include larger hallways and increased circulation space and upscale entryways, which are energy inefficient and yield little functionality and useable space.

The survey reveals that the inclusion of home offices is now the most popular special function room in current residential projects. Again, function and energy conservation a factor. Meanwhile, extravagances such as media/home theaters and kid's/guest wings are diminishing in popularity.

For the full report, click here.


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