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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the lighter side . . . Architecture enters your living room

A creative collaboration between Turner Classic Movies ("TCM") and Architectural Digest, and a major sponsor, American Leather, has led to a cultural event that you can enjoy from your recliner, remote in hand. On each Wednesday in October, TCM will air classic films depicting architectural themes or cityscapes to enrich, enliven and educate its boomer audience. I venture to say that buried in these archival films we can also find food for thought about how we do our work, the design process, the construction milieu, and the clients we serve. So, in October, consider letting Architectural Digest and TCM into your home and enjoy the collection of extraordinary film offerings and commentary, called "Architecture in Film."

For further discussion on the series, see this article in The New York Times. (Today's entry was published by Laura Luger of Womble Carlyle's construction and real estate development group).


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